Peer-Reviewed Publications

Nuole Chen, Kris-Stella Trump, Stacy Hall, and Quan Le. 2020. “The Effect of Postcard Reminders on Vaccinations Among the Elderly: A Block Randomized Experiment.” Behavioural Public Policy, 1-26.

Cheng Jin, Chunji Yin, Xiaogang Jin, Yong Min, Yixiao Li, Nuole Chen, and Jiaxuan Huang. 2018. “Group-based rewiring rules of binary opinion competition dynamics.” Scientific Reports, 8(14423).

Other Publications

Kris-Stella Trump and Nuole Chen. 2020. “Can Reminder Postcards Help People Get Vaccinated?” 3Streams.

Chris Grady and Nuole Chen. 2019. “10 Things to Know about Pre-Analysis Plans.” EGAP Methods Guides.

Nuole Chen, Pompa Debroy, Stacy Hall, and Quan Le. 2019. “Postcards-Increasing Vaccination Rates Among Elderly: U.S. Office Of Evaluation Sciences and LDH Immunization Program.” Louisiana Morbidity Report.

Works in Progress

Field experiments & Methods

“Can an Information Campaign about Taxation and Service Delivery Increase Tax Compliance?” (with Chris Grady, Boniface Dulani, Mwayi Masumbu, Jake Bowers, and Matt Winters).

“Discovering the next experiment via Sequential Intersection Union Testing and FDR adjustment: Randomization inference based statistical testing with thousands of subgroups.” (with Jake Bowers).

Decision-making in foreign policy

“A Model of Group Decision-making in Foreign Policy.”

“Group Decision-making in U.S. National Security Councils: Evidence from Conversations”